Sunday is as good as any other day

So I stayed up until 3am submitting to four lit journals, Bank-Heavy Press, Carnival Literary Magazine, Verdad, and Yes, Poetry.  Of course now I go through the horrible waiting period.  To combat that I plan on submitting to even more places tonight.  My poet friends on facebook write things like “woke up to first rejection of the day”, “33 rejection this week”, and “I want to thank the publishers of . . . .for taking two of my poems for their next issue”.  So now I wait with my fingers cross and my heart set on the “I want to thank. . .”

It just dawned on me that this is the poets version of an oscar speech.  “I’d like to thank the publishers of yes, poetry for liking me.  My friends for believing me when I didn’t, and that bastard Jessie for fucking me over, so i could write these wrenching words.”

Ehh. . . .Let’s end with this gem that will not stop haunting me- – – 

What matters in the ugly dawn

her face in flashback

her cries in iambic

her  sorrow in rhyme

the alliteration of finished from forever


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