optimist installation dinner

it was pretty good. my friend is still a board member, secretary.  possibly I’llrun for treasurer myself next year.  I am wondering how you become a board member.   that might be cool.

I joined this group because of my friend, and am really grateful now.  I promised not to embarrass him at events, so I did not drink very much and honestly should not be drinking much, if at all, anyhow.  moderation is the key.  And I was moderate.  should I understand what moderate is.

personally I am at odds with the relationship I have developed with this friend.  He confuses and frustrate me very much.  Has proven himself to be a great friend, yet I can’t help but feel like there is more to come.  Don’t even know what that really means.  it’s just I feel something under the surface.

I did feel bad about one thing, he was clapping, this annoying clap that he and a friend do.  This clap is loud and drawn out and makes the hair on my neck stand up on ends.  Drives me literally batty.  he started that clap and without control over my own reflexes I grabbed his hand to stop him.  I really had no right.  It was completely out of line and I know better.  I do things before I think.  Later he called me mom about it, and that hurt even more.  I’m very hyper sensitive about being maternal to anyone, because I have no right.  And particularly not to a grown man who had every right to live his life however he please.


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